Who am I?

The last blog got me a lot of negative comments and I just needed to say a few things to those who think I’m a “Mean” or “Bad” or “Selfish” person. What I do as a therapist IS a reflection of who I am out of work. I treat […]

2015 Year of the Sheep

As I sit here at 9:30 pm on New Years Eve listening to the neighbors setting off fireworks… boom boom I’m thinking what will this next year bring? Well it will be 2015 and Chinese lore states I should be focusing on positive mental attitude and activating my […]

Why I Love Having AS!

We think therefore we are You wake up in the morning and your stiffer than a bone. You roll out of bed, try to get slippers on and stumble to the bathroom, and this is your good day! Have you ever thought, while lying in bed being stiff […]

Living With Limited Spoons

My Story, Struggles and Successes Living with Chronic Pain


nieuwtjes en verhalen over de ziekte van Bechterew

Rheum 4 Living

Making the most of life with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Elena's Musings

A collection of Elena Diaz Bjorkquist's thoughts, photos, and poetry.


ideas that are dear to my heart.



Wish I Gave A Damn Empath Addition

The crazy of learning how to navigate as an sarcastic empath